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COMP2129 develop a simplified version of Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros

COMP2129 Assignment 2
Due: 11:59pm Monday, 21 April 2014
This assignment is worth 12% of your final assessment
Task description In this assignment we will develop a simplified version of Nintendo’s
Super Mario Bros in the C language using dynamic data structures and ensuring that no memory leaks occur.

write a two pass assembler for an extended SIMPLE instruction set

The aim of this assignment is to write a two pass assembler for an extended SIMPLE instruction set. Then write and test programs in SIMPLE assembly. A final part is to write an emulator for the SIMPLE machine (replacing the one provided).

COMP125 Semester 2 2013 Assignment 2 description

This assignment will give you practice in developing a class for sorting and searching,with a specific application in mind. The class methods can mostly be implemented by adapting algorithms which you have seen. This assignment is worth 10% of your final mark for this unit. A template program is provided to you, and electronic submissions are required from you, as described below. Some but not all of your work will be auto-tested. All your work will be looked over by a tutor. Your mark for the assignment will be given on the basis of both the auto-testing (done by machine)


COM101: PROGRAMMING2014 Project (AssignmentNo.3) Due date 11:55pm 26/09/20 14(Week 12Friday) In this project, you are required to design a suitable interface and implement a program which can 1.Load two files. Each of them contains a set of numbers (in CSV format). For example: T1.txtcontains 2, 6, 4, 8, and T2.txt contains 11, 3, 1, 12. Etc. 2.Sort those numbers in each file, and show the sorted results in their corresponding listbox; 3.Merge these numbers into a final sorted list, and save them in a new file “T3.txt” You are also required to write a short report to describe the design and implementation of your project. Your submission should include a compressed file for the VB.Net project and a WORD file describing the design and implementation of your project..What to submit? You need to submit a software copy of your work via submission link in Week 9 on Student Portal. Your submission should contain: A clearly labeled VB.NET solution (Name, IdNo, etc.) holding all your VB project files. A report to demonstrate working of the program in the Lab. This is similar to a User Manual. You can put both VB.NET solution folder (including all project files) and your report into a single compressed file, e.g. JackieRong30123456.zip (.7z or .rar)

Run-time Stack and Merge Sorting a Linked List

 COMP 2140 Assignment 2: A Run-time Stack and Merge Sorting a Linked List

Helen Cameron and Stephane Durocher
Due: Wednesday October 22 at noon
Programming Standards
When writing code for this course, follow the programming standards, available on this course's website on
Desire2Learn. Failure to do so will result in the loss of marks.
To test, using a backtracking algorithm, if a mouse can escape from a rectangular maze.
Your Program
General Overview:
Your program must implement a backtracking algorithm that helps the mouse by
systematically trying all the routes through the maze until it either nds the exit or exhausts all possible
routes (and concludes that the mouse is trapped in the maze). If the backtracking algorithm nds a dead
end, it retraces its path until it reaches a position from which there is an untried path. The backtracking
algorithm always tries all directions (forward, backward, left, and right | no diagonal moves allowed) from
any position it reaches.

C++ Program


This project is to produce a “mini” parts tracking system for each of 3 manufacturing stations so that when the wafer is cut up at the end, data can be provided to sort heads into the 4 categories.  Data will also be used for reporting on manufacturing yields. You will be given a Test Case to analyze which describes the results at each of the 3 manufacturing stations.



Computer disks (large and small) have internal drives that store data. Key components in the drives are the “heads” that actually read/write the data. Heads are manufactured in clean rooms by a series of steps that deposit layers of materials on a wafer, and pattern those layers using photolithography and etching. During the processing the wafers are inspected and, when processing is finished, the devices are tested. As a result of the manufacturing process, a head could have 2 active elements that are:

代写程序 控制结构

  Statements execute sequentially: The first statement in a function is executed first, followed by the second, and so on. Of course, few programsincluding the one we'll need to write to solve our bookstore problemcan be written using only sequential execution. Instead, programming languages provide various control structures that allow for more complicated execution paths. This section will take a brief look at some of the control structures provided by C++. Chapter 6 covers statements in detail.

语句总是顺序执行的:函数的第一条语句首先执行,接着是第二条,依次类推。当然,少数程序——包括我们将要编写的解决书店问题的程序——可以仅用顺序执行语句编写。事实上,程序设计语言提供了多种控制结构支持更为复杂的执行路径。本节将简要地介绍 C++ 提供的控制结构,第六章再详细介绍各种语句。

代写程序 关于注释

Before our programs get much more complicated, we should see how C++ handles comments. Comments help the human readers of our programs. They are typically used to summarize an algorithm, identify the purpose of a variable, or clarify an otherwise obscure segment of code. Comments do not increase the size of the executable program. The compiler ignores all comments.


代写程序 初窥输入/输出

1.2. A First Look at Input/Output

1.2. 初窥输入/输出

C++ does not directly define any statements to do input or output (IO). Instead, IO is provided by the standard library. The IO library provides an extensive set offacilities. However, for many purposes, including the examples in this book, one needs to know only a few basic concepts and operations.

C++ 并没有直接定义进行输入或输出(IO)的任何语句,这种功能是由标准库提供的。IO 库提供了大量的设施。然而,对许多应用,包括本书的例子而言,编程者只需要了解一些基本概念和操作。

Most of the examples in this book use the iostream library, which handles formatted input and output. Fundamental to the iostream library are two types named istream and ostream, which represent input and output streams, respectively. A stream is a sequence of characters intended to be read from or written to an IO device of some kind. The term "stream" is intended to suggest that the characters are generated, or consumed, sequentially over time.

本书的大多数例子都使用了处理格式化输入和输出的 iostream iostream 库的基础是两种命名为 istream 和 ostream 的类型,分别表示输入流和输出流。流是指要从某种 IO 设备上读入或写出的字符序列。术语“流”试图说明字符是随着时间顺序生成或消耗的。



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